No, that is not my car. 🙂 But some days I felt like it could be.

I was about ready to throw in the towel this week and not write an article. We closed on a condo this week after 4 days of delay, I slept on an air mattress last night with towels for a blanket, and my place was a mess. Not all the boxes are unloaded yet, I need to go grab groceries so I can cook tonight, and … wait a minute, this Antifragile! As a quote I read recently proclaimed, “When the road runs out, the adventure begins!”. I ran out of road a few times this year.

We were supposed to close on the condo on Friday, and when we did the walk through, the heating and air conditioning didn’t work. So, what do we do? We get a hotel. Monday is a holiday (Juneteenth) so bankers and lawyers don’t work. Get an airbnb and make do living out of my car. Tuesday the lawyers scheduled an appointment for our closing and didn’t tell us. Great — another night in a hotel, but this time my relocation package covered it at least. Wednesday comes around, and the closing at 9 AM. Everything is good until they tell us we need to bring an additional $4500 to the closing — a mistake was made on the loan docs! More phone calls and finally at 4 PM I signed the last papers. Never mind that I had installed the washer and dryer in the condo we didn’t own, had Verizon hook up the high speed internet in a condo we didn’t own, and got the gas guy out because we smelled gas.

I have slept in 8 different places in the last year. Everything I have here in Virginia Beach fits in my car. And yet, I took each day at a time, navigating my way through to now when we own a condo and I can settle down. Was it fun, no, but I learned a lot, got to experience many different environments (from a beach condo to a rundown Airbnb), and have met some great guys playing soccer in the area.

Am I more Antifragile? We will see, but I think so. I definitely have some new found confidence that I didn’t have a year ago, and I know a new town with new people and trust I can work through whatever shows up here. Now if you will excuse me i am going to go unwrap the blanket I got from Target so I can sleep in luxury tonight!



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